Vanilla From Tahiti

Not all vanilla beans are the same!



We sell 2-bean vial packs, each containing 12 vials, 12 brochures, and a display box, 2fl.oz., 4fl.oz., 8fl.oz., 1 quart (single or double-fold) size Pure Tahitian Vanilla Extract, and various other packaged units.


We are looking for high end gourmet restaurants with chefs who seek the very best Tahitian vanilla beans available. We have a variety of lengths with competitive prices. We ship all orders within 24 hours and can ship small quantities on a regular basis. We maintain stocks year round, with all beans coming from our partners farm. The quality is always the same. Please contact Peter at for pricing or more information.

Gourmet quality PNG (Papua New Guinea) and Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

PNG vanilla beans: Often confused with Tahitian vanilla, these beans are usually a mixture of Tahitian and bourbon beans. They are grown in Papua New Guinea and are less expensive than Tahitian beans. We offer only gourmet grade.

Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans: Madagascar vanilla beans are the most common type of vanilla on the market. We offer gourmet grade only at competitive prices..

For further inquiry, please contact us. Please include your company name, location, seller's permit# or Tax ID# (U.S. company only) and also what type of product you are interested in.


Phone: 805-965-5153
Fax: 805-965-4783


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